From Linda the Rector:

From Mike: As Head of State the Queen has to abstain from making her personal views known, especially as they relate to political issues. Her public statements on matters of public policy have to reflect the views of the Government of the day. This rightly fits with our informal constitution. Yet sometimes her views become known and when they do it is her usual reticence that makes them especially powerful. This was the case in both her address and subsequent reflection on the climate conference, COP 26 where she encouraged world leaders to work “side by side” to tackle the climate emergency and rallied them with the words “The time for words has now moved to the time for action”. Powerful words. But the subsequent comments that were not intended for public consumption reflected some of her own feelings about these matters “It’s really irritating when they talk, but they don’t do”. As we celebrate the Platinum Jubilee we are challenged not only by the Queen’s words but by the words and actions of many members of the Royal family to put green issues at the forefront of our response to the celebrations. The tree planting in the villages and in the churchyards is a great example of this. Also the care we take in how we use power in our homes can aid the overall carbon footprint of our villages. Since moving to Garrowby I have become increasingly conscious of our interdependence and especially of the debt we owe to our farmers in caring for our land and making sure there is fresh food in the shops. We dare not take this for granted.

The impact of climate change as I write this is being seen in heat waves across India and in the loss of glaciers and increasing desertification bringing in its wake famine and drought.

The Queen also sets us an example to see our common humanity and our responsibility to those who may live a long way away. Her commitment to the Commonwealth is well known:

“Gratitude, respect and pride, these words sum up how I feel about the people of this country and the commonwealth”

“Family does not necessarily mean blood relatives but often a description of a community, organisation or nation”

Each time I celebrate Holy Communion in the villages I take the bread and wine and remember the world around us that gave grain and grapes and also the work of the farmers who cultivated the land and those who produce and distribute our food. My personal prayer is that when all of our celebrations are over we will take from them a renewed commitment to care for the world around us and all the people in it as we have seen so powerfully during the reign of Queen Elizabeth through her own example and that of other members of the Royal family. Yet to do so with a real sense of humility, so the Queen has to have the last word:

“But let us not take ourselves too seriously. None of us has a monopoly of wisdom and we must always be ready to listen and respect other points of view”

Platinum Jubilee Platinum Jubilee

6.30pm Thursday 2nd June St Andrew’s, Bugthorpe short Service of Thanksgiving before 7.00pm Village Celebration in the Hall tickets from Bob at Bugthorpe Post Office

12.00 – 7.00pm Saturday 4th June Skirpenbeck Jubilee event and Picnic in the Park

10.00am Sunday 5th June Bishop Wilton a special service of celebration for all the villages with hymns and songs and readings giving thanks for the faithful service of the Queen. We will be helped to celebrate by the Garrowby Singers. There will also be a communion service at 08.00. These will be the only services in the Benefice today

In the afternoon at 3.00pm there is a street party on the green in Bishop Wilton with street games, crown making competition and crown jewels treasure hunt (please bring your own tables, chairs, food and drink).

St Mary’s Full Sutton

St. Mary’s Church in Full Sutton is sadly still closed due to damage to the ceiling. The PCC is keen to use this as an opportunity to do more general repairs to make the building watertight and safe. Please bear with us whilst this work is being planned and undertaken.

Changes to the normal pattern of services:

There will be no broadcast services for May 29th just the Benefice service at Kirby Underdale or for the Platinum Jubilee as there are local services as well as coverage on TV. After that normal service will be resumed.

31st July Fifth Sunday Benefice Service 10.00am Skirpenbeck

7th August NO 8.00 at Bishop Wilton or 10.00am at Skirpenbeck.

The only service today will be the 11.15 at Kirby Underdale – please check schedule of services.

Sunday Broadcast Services

The services will be premiered at 10.00am on a Sunday morning and can be accessed through he website, via the YouTube channel Linda Munt or you can have a link sent if you write to Mike K at

Thursday 26th May Ascension Day 7pm talk in All Saints, Kirby Underdale

Dr Ruth Beckett will be giving a talk on the history of the church and some of the colourful characters associated with it. Afterwards refreshments will be served in Kirby Underdale Village Hall. Tickets will be £5. Please reserve one by calling Ruth on 07956 806313 or email which will help with planning.

Sunday May 29th Ascension Benefice Service 11.15 Kirby Underdale

Ascension Day is always very special in the village so it is good to be able to have our Ascension fifth Sunday benefice service at Kirby Underdale and it will be followed by refreshments. Details nearer the time..

Garrowby Churches Meditation Group

The next two dates are 7.00pm Thursday 30th June (please note change of day) and 7.00pm Monday 25th July. The meetings last under an hour and include an introduction to the theme of the evening and a time of quiet and closing prayer. Even if you would just like to come and have a time of silence during what is a difficult time you would be very welcome to just come and sit.

Saturday 9th July 10.00 “Tales from the Pulpit” in St Edith’s Bishop Wilton by Dr Ruth Beckett

Ruth is continuing her local history talks this time focussing on Bishop Wilton. The impetus for this came from Driffield U3A and Ruth is opening it up to anyone who is interested. The cost is £5 and you can book a place by calling Ruth on 07956 806313. The new history of St Edith’s is now available and copies can be bought in church and any profit goes to church funds.

Evening Saturday 17th September

A concert by the ladies choir the ‘The Pelham Singers’.  They are from Immingham. The Guest Singer is Gary Starkie ( a former pupil of the BW village school).

Saturday 15th October Bishop Wilton Heritage Day

A chance to experience the village over the years through photograph, videos and stories and to enjoy food and drink. We are all now part of the story so let’s explore how we might fit in to the ongoing story of the village.



Reuben Ian Richard Nightingale: Sunday May 8th: St Edith’s Bishop Wilton

“We welcome you into the Lord’s family”


Maisie Dace Hughes

Maisy Middleton and

Myriam Jarry Sunday May 8th: St Edith’s Bishop Wilton by the Bishop, of Selby

“Shine a light in the world”


Sam Russell and Sophie Steele Sunday May 7th: St Edith’s Bishop Wilton

Sam Birks and Louise Gillett Sunday May 21st: St Andrew's, Bugthorpe

“We welcome you into the Lord’s family”

Marriage Blessing

Ashley and Mary Ward May 21st

Ashley and Mary got married whilst Covid restrictions were in force so they are celebrating their wedding anniversary by renewing their vows and welcoming their family and friends to join their celebrations

We wish Ash and Mary, Sam and Sophie and Sam and Louise every blessing in their life together

“Those who live in love live in God and God lives in them” 1 John 4 16


Katie Parker: Fr iday 22nd April: St Andrew, Octon Crematorium

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Katie’s family and friends. May she rest in peace and rise in glory

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